29 November 2013

New International Puppetry Film Series - Part Four

The final day of the week means the final Part Four of our four-part series today of interviews with Canadian puppet master, Ronnie Burkett. The series cover some of Burkett's productions and his views of World Puppetry today.

Next week we leave on an African Escapade, so you might not hear from Puppetry News for a while, but let me tell you about some of our wonderful news events planned for 2014. Firstly we are planning another fantastic Five-day workshop in Milan, Italy at the beginning of May. I shall be working together with a highly talented British theatre director, so if you are interested, watch this space and more news will be available very shortly! In April-May I am organising yet another European Tour to International Schools and Universities - if you are interested in a booking, contact us immediately here.

In early 2014, We shall have a new subscription website which will be launched, featuring many Puppetry Masterclasses with world renowned puppeteers, both past and present; audio and video interviews, lectures and educational content and weekly interviews with international puppeteers on video. If you are interested in subscribing, further information with will be available in the new year, so watch this space! In the meanwhile, take a look at our huge FREE film archive right here!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to the new website.

Keep up the good work :)