1 December 2013

Let Them Shine

 Let Them Shine is the workshop I've been running around the world over the past few years. The nature of the workshop changes and evolves as we continue on our journey. The photo on the video above illustrates one of the participants being covered with brown paper, which starts them on their journey of exploration of the World of Paper.

As we take our annual break now and fly off to Africa, I am contemplating many new changes and new directions for the company in 2014. Do keep your eyes open for the new extension of our webcasts and online content in the new year, as well as for our upcoming European Tours starting in March 2014.  For bookings and information, contact me here! And let me take this opportunity in wishing all our readers a healthy, happy and peaceful silly season!


Unknown said...

Let Them Shine is glorious. It attests to Gary's masterful skills an a puppeteer and educator to witness the engagement of the students as they bring to life a paper puppet who lives and breathes.
Carol Sterling
Former President of UNIMA-USA
Former Education Consultant for Puppeteers of America

Unknown said...

A brilliant and innovative concept, loved the way how you used puppets and the whole concept is remarkable.
I am also planning about using puppets in STEM, a new approach for simplifying complex concepts form science, technology, engineering and Maths by using puppets.