7 March 2013

Kermit steals the Crown Jewels

With the brand new release of Oz, the Great and Powerful opening today around the world, Kermit seems to be on the go, once again too! This time in England, Kermit the Frog has ticked another location off his list, as he was spotted filming for The Muppets' new film at the iconic Tower of London. The latest film, which is called The Muppets…Again, also stars funny man Ricky Gervais who started filming the crime caper along the famous puppets earlier this month. UK's Mail online captured the whole event on film here!

Speaking of the new release Oz the Great and Powerful today, there's a great look at the filming behind the scenes and you can even see puppeteer Phillip Huber manipulating the marionette version of the China Doll here!  You can find more great information on the movie here.
(Thanks to PuppetVision)

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