12 November 2012

Australian puppeteer takes on the H-Bomb

'Opening Shot' is a mini- documentary film competition, recently launched by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Sydney film makers Jay Court (director); Andrew Arbuthnot (producer) and Wendy Hanna (writer) hired the talented puppet artist, Kay Yasuki to create and manipulate the three puppet characters telling their stories. If using a condom is tricky to bring up when your date starts to get hot and heavy, try dropping the 'H-Bomb' - admitting you have genital herpes. Now try doing this with puppets!
You can watch the episode on the H-Bomb here! There is also a short 'Behind the Scenes' doco on the page right.
(Editors note: I am sorry that the above films are on the ABC's website and are therefore only viewable in Australia, but I have located the 'Behind the Scenes' on You Tube here and another extract here.)

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