9 August 2012

Chen Xi Huang: The ancient art of hand puppetry

Chen Xi Huang is an 82-year-old puppet master who preserves the beauty of traditional puppet theater, an increasingly rare art form. He conducted a demonstration of his wonderful work earlier this year at TED in Shanghai.

This beautiful Chinese traditional hand puppet manipulation reminded me so much of my favourite Chinese puppet master, Mingdong Lin of the Guangdong Wuchuan Single Puppet Troupe, whom I recently witnessed performing his puppet opera at the International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park in Chengdu. You can watch his performance here!


Créaturiste said...

Very inspiring, Gary! you always bring the good stuff!

I'm supposed to receive a puppet similar to these, but it's taking its sweet time getting to me!
Patience help me!

Unknown said...

fantástic, a wonderfull tecnic of moving hand puppets