17 June 2011

Spider-Man or Spider-Monster, the Musical..

SpiderMonster, the Musical spoof promoting Sesame Street's 42nd season to launch in September 2011, follows a rather controversial report in the New York Times of 15 June, which discusses 'Spider-Man - Turn Off the Dark' the latest Broadway musical. It's former-director, (puppeteer, film and theatre director), Julie Taymor had been replaced in March, just three months before its official Broadway opening this week.

The official opening was pushed back repeatedly after actors were involved in a wave of accidents. In March 2011, it was delayed yet again to allow more time for its creators to make improvements in the wake a near-universal drubbing from the nation's critics, who broke with tradition to review the show before it opened. The musical became a national object of pop culture fascination — more so, perhaps, than any show in Broadway history. Despite its woes, 'Spider-Man' has been among the highest-grossing shows on Broadway since preview performances began in November 2010.

You can watch an ABC news report on the show here and a review of the Broadway Spider-Man here!

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