14 March 2010

Ted E Bare's Retirement Tour in Australia

Fresh from a recent tour of
New Zealand, popular American ventriloquist David Strassman is touring Australia with his Ted E Bare's Farewell Tour in May this year.

I am not sure who we are bidding farewell to, because according to David's recent interview on New Zealand television, the farewell to the Bear is just a publicity stunt, because the Bear never really leaves the show.

A star-studded tribute to Ted E. Bare’s greatest show biz moments, “Ted E.’s Farewell Tour” will follow Strassman’s journey of discovery to replace the irreplaceable little bear. This moving, hilarious and wild ride will feature the razor sharp wit of Chuck Wood we have all come to fear, as well as uncover some new and extraordinary characters desperate to join the show in a hilarious “You’ve Got Talent- Puppet Edition” segment.

David Strassman is considered by many to be one of the best ventriloquists in the world. His shows are hilariously funny and razor sharp, featuring full stage production complete with dazzling sets and state-of- the-art theatrical effects. You can catch his Australian Tour in either Queensland, South Australia, Victoria or New South Wales and the dates are up on his website here.

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