21 March 2010

Curl Curl School Puppetry Project 2010

After two months of work with these young people, with very limited exposure to basic puppetry skills, the students blossomed at our school performances at Curl Curl North Public School last week. Using only simple brown paper and common household objects with no spoken language, the children created elaborate stories where the power of their entire imagination was harnessed.

Their work took them on a creative journey, which combined the power of Brain Gym with some dance and movement, a guided meditation, some improvisation work with brown paper, in which characters emerge to relate their non-verbal stories and lastly object theatre work, which take the children's stories into yet another dimension.

We are about to embark on a three-month European Workshop Tour next month. This will take us through Austria, Slovenia, Portugal, France, Norway, the United Kingdom, Hungary and the Middle East. Keep tuned to Puppetry News for regular updates and news from the road.

PS. Last but not least 'Happy World Puppetry Day' for today.
World Puppetry Day is celebrated with an objective to preserve and popularise the art of puppetry around the world. This year there are events planned in India, an International Festival in Istanbul, Turkey and UNIMA's news here!

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