1 September 2009

Festival of Wonder

In 2005, I was fortunate enough to attend the Silkeborg Puppet Theatre Festival. It was a very special trip flying into Copenhagen from Krakow and getting a train to north-western Denmark for this Festival of Wonder. The highlight of the festival in 2005, for me, was surely the production of young Danish puppeteer, Sofie Krog with 'Diva'. It was also a hit at the UNIMA 2008 Festival in Perth.

This year's Festival of Wonder runs from 12 - 15 November for those of you going to be in Denmark. It promises to be an action packed event in which Sofie is opening her new tense cartoon drama 'The House'. The family occupying the old crumbling down house, in which all their secrets are hidden, also happen to own the local funeral company. Watch out for this!

Other interesting productions I discovered on the program include Figurentheater Tübingen, 'Salto Lamento'; The Forman Brother's Obludarium - A Magical Monster Tour and Theare Wilde & Vogel's 'Spleen'.
I am really sorry that I won't be in Europe for the festival this year, but if you are able to attend, it's a great puppetry event and shouldn't be missed.

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