25 April 2009

Corporate Creatures™ launches in Australia

Official spokesperson for Corporate Creatures™ in Sydney, Con Quest yesterday announced the official launch of their new website.

Corporate Creatures™ harnesses the powerful age-old tradition of puppetry with a 21st century makeover to communicate issues within the business environment. While the puppets themselves are larger-than-life, their workplace and the situations they face are relevant to everyone.

By using the puppet, we provide a non-threatening format in which the audience is entertained while the key messages are still being strongly communicated. We can effectively tackle issues that everyone is thinking about, but no one is comfortable discussing - sensitive subjects such as personal concerns, bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Mr Quest has also announced that he will be conducting interviews with prominent business and world leaders weekly and the first such interview can be found on his blog at CCBN here!

Mr Quest and his team are all listed as Face Book devotees. You can find Con's FB page here!
He is also asking all interested to add him as a friend and to subscribe to his NEWS listing here!

Corporate Creatures™ is ideal for skills training, presentations and marketing your products and services. For more information, you can check out their videos and info here!
(Photograph: Sidat de Silva)

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