13 May 2008

Report just in from UNIMA China

Here's a report just received from UNIMA China's representative Simon Wong in Hong Kong:

"There was a 7.8 grade earthquake which took place yesterday, on 12 May afternoon at 2:20pm - about 100 meters from city Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Mainland China. I made initial contact with Mr. WANG, the Director of Chengdu Museum, and Ms. TANG, the Deputy President & General Secretary of UNIMA-China Centre, and found out that there was no harm directly to the museum and the UNIMA China Centre.

However, we are still unable to make any assessment of the true harm on Chinese traditional puppetry because the western region of Mainland China is one of the main origins of Chinese puppetry. We still have no news about the Chinese puppeteers and puppet troupes living in these areas. May I draw your attention to you being ready to give your support to the Chinese puppeteers and troupes at any time and to keep your prayer on their safety. I am going to keep you posted on the progress after my visit trip to Chengdu in early June."

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