13 May 2008

Is UNIMA 2012 China Bid now in trouble?

If you read my report last month from the UNIMA 2008 Congress in Perth, you will know that UNIMA China's Chengdu contingent won the bid to host the 2012 UNIMA World Congress. The worst earthquake in thirty years has just been recorded in China's Sichuan province, an area that had been completely cut off from road and telephone contact due to damage from the quake. The official death toll now stands at ten thousand, with another ten thousand buried under the rubble, although these figures could still rise significantly. A huge aftershock registering 6,1 on the Rigter scale today hit Chengdu, the apparent epicenter of the quake.

Blogging a Quake, Live from Chengdu - Bloggers unite amid catastrophe in China's Sichuan province, raising questions about whether the death toll could have been lower.
Apparently the Olympic torch relay in Beijing is continuing despite China's worst tragedy in decades. Now the question naturally arises regarding the upcoming UNIMA Congress and Festival due for Chengdu in 2012. Watch this space for details as reports come in!

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