15 November 2006

Why we combined Puppetry with Brain Gym?

How to ‘creatively unblock’ is the most important lesson we have to learn since graduating from kindergarden where nothing is impossible and magic is created daily while making toys breathe and live. In fact we often have to unlearn everything we’ve learnt since, as we are taught to disregard our ‘play’ and learn in a very black and white, non-inspirational way.
Our schooling and social system seems to have done an excellent job in teaching us to conform and not express our feelings and artistic selves. The entire system has taught us that when it comes to our creativity, average is safest. How many times, when faced with challenges, have you heard your students say “I can’t do that!”

Why we use puppetry?
In our workshops, the puppet takes the form of a piece of paper, an every-day object or only our naked hands. This is a medium that very few of our participants have ever had the opportunity to experience.

The puppet is a tool that allows safe expression. It is one step removed from the real world, but still reflects the human world and condition. Many sensitive issues can be portrayed in a non-threatening way, without embarrassment to the participant.

Humour is the key to opening people and reaching them emotionally and allowing them to laugh. When we laugh, we open up. In this way a powerful interactive message can be transmitted to an audience in a subtle way. The puppet imbibes humour and allows spontaneity. Sparks of genius are often revealed when people are put on the spot and have to create something out of nothing. It allows them to think on their feet!

Our workshops allow free expression, without the limitations of language and this works especially well in multi-cultural institutions or communities. The puppet breaks down barriers in a magical world where anything can happen!

Why use Brain Gym?
Brain Gym is a set of simple movement exercises that offer great ways to integrate the whole brain for enhanced learning and performance. Brain Gym identifies the states that create frustration and failure, and re-educates the mind-body system to function in a more integrated whole-brain manner. It supports and enhances our efforts to achieve a specific goal, including more creative thoughts and ideas. Brain Gym assists us in moving out of ‘stuck’ behavior patterns, created by stress and lack of motivation.
Workshop details to follow below ... any questions, click here!

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