15 November 2006

International Workshop & Lecture Tour for Europe, Canada and the United States

Creativity and learning…moving beyond the head!
To truly “be creative”, one requires the “2 b’s” working in total synchrony – brain and body!
Sharon Gelber, Internationally certified Occupational Therapist, workshop coordinator and learning - movement consultant and Gary Friedman, Internationally acclaimed Master Puppeteer and puppetry-in-education and creativity consultant are pooling their resources to bring you a new look at creativity and learning.

This dynamic duo are now offering not only a workshop to explore creativity but also the science behind activating the brain to prime the learner, student and executive for thinking and performing creatively.

In 2005, Gary Friedman conducted an international tour bringing the world of puppetry, objects and paper to high school and university students. Participants were given the opportunity to explore their creativity using the most unlikely of media and create short theatrical pieces.

In 2007, Friedman will be joined by Sharon Gelber, touring schools and universities throughout Europe, Canada and the United States, to bring the sustainable science into the mix - leaving participants with specific tools and techniques that can be used both in the classroom, office and at home, which will keep their brains, eyes and ears awake, focussed, organised, de-stressed and in a creative space for effective learning. Creativity is always required - from mathematics to football - from IT to dramatic performance, our youth need creative lateral thinking, out of the box problem solving and confidence to make it in this competitive world.
Full Workshop and Lecture information to follow below..

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