11 November 2006

United Nations Puppetry Exhibition Opens

A special exhibition of Puppetry Mediator between Cultures opens at the Augsburg Puppet Theatre Museum in Germany on 14 November. The exhibition will encompass crisis intervention and humanitarian work done with puppetry around the world. Although the website is in German, I've been told that an English translation will be put up this week.
Puppeteers and organisations from countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Benin, South Africa, India, Bolivia, Mexico, Madagascar, will participate in the exhibition with work that has crossed and broken down cultural, racial and language bariers to communicate messages to communities across the world. Since 2001, UNESCO has awarded four puppetry projects, amongst others, as "Masterpieces of oral and intangible heritage of humanity”.
One of the exhibits include an organisation called “No Strings” (with former Muppeteers Michael Frith and Kathy Mullen) who work in operational zones to point out to the dangers of land mines in Afghanistan. If you are going to be anywhere near Germany between now and June 2007, take a trip to see this inspiring collection of world puppetry ambassadors!

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