15 November 2006


Our lecture – demos take the form of an interactive discussion, with audio-visual examples on each topic:
(Lectures can vary from 60 to 90 minutes each)

History and Traditions of World Puppetry
The history of the world’s oldest art form didn’t start as an art. From the religious to the political function, from the social and educative function to modern entertainment, we will discover how puppetry has always played a role in world culture, from early history until today.

Puppetry in Education and Development
Puppetry has been used to communicate social, health and development issues to communities all over the world. In this workshop, Friedman will discuss some of the projects he has been involved in throughout Africa, Europe, North America, Australia, as well as in many island communities to put across difficult and culturally sensitive messages such as, Aids, corruption, drugs, sex education and abuse. Many of the projects were filmed and he will show short video clips and explain how these were implemented.

Puppetry in Therapy
Puppetry has been used to resolve conflict, assist in delving into pscho-socio trauma and role play in pscho-drama for many years. We will discuss some of the techniques used and their benefits to the patient and society.

Puppetry on Television
Puppetry for television takes us into an entirely different world to live theatre. The Muppets and Sesame Street are probably the best known examples where puppetry has been used successfully on television. But there are many others!

We start to understand the complex world of television and how the audience can be easily tricked by the camera. We will show examples of television puppetry from around the world and discuss the techniques used.

Brain Gym: Learn to move - Move to learn
This lecture outlines the basic concepts behind what makes a “good learner”; describes the stress response and discusses the results of stress in our body and its effects on learning. This is the background to understanding how movement and ‘Brain Gym’ in particular is so powerful in relaxing and activating the brain and body and priming the system for optimal learning. The bulk of the lecture consists of practical tools which can be used by learners of all ages (children and adults) to decrease stress, and improve focus, organisation and communication in the brain; as well as activate the eyes for improved reading and comprehension and ears for optimal listening.
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