24 September 2005


Gobbo Fraggle was there in style to entertain the kids. So was Cheryl Henson, who signed copies of her latest book 'Its not easy being Green' this afternoon at the Museum of Radio and Television in Manhattan, New York. I caught up with Cheryl Henson briefly this afternoon, before the wonderful muppet demo. Tyler Bunch, one of the Muppet performers who performed on Henson Productions, such as 'The Bear in the Big Blue House' and 'The Muppets' Wizard of Oz' gave the enthusiastic audience a glimse into the World of The Muppets. He put together two 'anything' muppets, to the amaisment of the captive audience and manipulated them for the camera. He then invited the children to come up and manipulate their 'paper bag' puppets, which they built in a workshop upstairs, before the demonstration began. It was a really fun afternoon, even though our late-Muppet mentor, Jim Henson is no longer with us. May Jim Henson Productions enjoy many more years of creating wonderful magic in our world! There's a great article in the Hollywood Reporter here!
Don't miss Hensons' new feature film MIRRORMASK, being released on 30 September.