23 September 2005

Back in New York!

What a day! I am not criticising either the United States or Canada, Lord forbid, but its beaurocracy will be its downfall. Yesterday morning I left Marquette, after a wonderful lecture series at the Northern Michigan University, on a flight to Detroit and a further connection to Toronto. Both of which were delayed and turbulent to say the least. Thanks Rita! (Rita's the new TERRORIST threat in the United States this week - that's driving the US mad) Why I had to go back through Toronto to get to New York is all logistics, but I wouldn't have dreamt that I'd have to go through Canadian immigration once again, then check in and re-do American immigration just to get onto the New York flight! Haven't they heard of transit, up there? "Have you got anything to declare? Well, I've only been in Canada for twelve minutes!"
But I survived all the baggage checks and twelve hours flying and finally made it back into Mantattan late last night ... alive! A crazy weekend starts now with the Jim Henson 50 years celebration at the Museum of Radio and Television, my cousin's wedding and Avenue Q on Saturday night. Stay tuned...