24 June 2005

Mid-Winter Night's Puppetry Blues

Its freezing cold in Sydney today! Mid-winter night's puppetry blues! Well, you guessed it. I've become slightly blog crazy... Having been converted into a blogger on my recent visit to Canberra, the cold capital of Australia by Hil Talbot, our great UNIMA blogger. Then I was introduced to Andrew's very interesting blog site, Puppet Vision Blog. Hope to meet up in Toronto on my upcoming lecture tour of the United States, Canada, Europe and South Africa, launching in early September. Click here for info!

Thus far, I have lectures and workshops lined up in Chicago, New York, North Michigan, Boston and Providence and shooting a documentary in New Jersey, West Palm Beach- Florida and Toronto. Then off to Europe for gigs in the United Kingdom, Austria and Poland thus far.
If you have any ideas, contact me!

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Anonymous said...

Stop blogging right now!