20 March 2016

World Puppetry Day 2016

' Je Suis Punch!' is a film we just completed for 'World Puppetry Day 2016' as a special dedication to to the freedom of expression in our world and the two young Spanish puppeteers, Alfónso Lázaro de la Torre and Raul García Pérez, who recently spent five days in a Madrid prison and stand accused of “glorifying terrorism” for their radical ‘Punch and Judy’ street show.

On this ‘World Puppetry Day 2016’ - We, the puppeteers of the world are speaking out for free speech and freedom of expression internationally!
You can also view a one-minute short 'making of' 'Je Suis Punch! here!

For more information, see: www.thepuppetandthepower.com and www.garyfriedmanproductions.com
#Libertad Titiriteros 
Happy World Puppetry Day to all our readers and supporters!

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