23 March 2015

New Website launched on 'World Puppetry Day'

Puppet creator for Les Guignols de L'info, Alain Duverne, in his Paris studio

After a really busy year, I am pleased to announce the launch of our new website, www.garyfriedmanproductions.com for 'World Puppetry Day' on Saturday.
This new site incorporates our previous site 'Puppetry News' and the Puppetry News Blog, which has been out of action for a while, but will finally get moving again with current news, events and interviews.

The new website incorporates much of the old Puppetry News site, but has plenty of new projects and updates and is easier to access information and navigate. You can find out and view short clips from many of the international workshops carried out in the past year in Europe and Asia. There is a short film clip of a Paper Playback Workshop in Oslo, Norway made in November 2014. There is a vast puppet video and audio archive which you can access here. You can also
locate international puppet festivals and events taking place over the upcoming year here.

As many of you know, for the past year, I have been travelling around the globe working on a new documentary film, 'The Puppet and The Power'.

A few of the wonderful puppeteers and activists interviewed for the documentary include names like Ronnie Burkett (Canada); Adrian Kohler & Basil Jones (Handspring Puppet Company, South Africa); Roger Law (Spitting Image, UK); Paul Zaloom (USA); Tony Mboyo (XYZ Show, Kenya); Ariel Doron (Israel); Mohammad Halayka (Palestinian National Theatre, Jerusalem); Penny Francis, (Puppet Centre, UK); Glyn Edwards (Punch & Judy Prof, UK); Toni Rumbau (Puppeteer & author, Spain); Joan Baixas (Puppeteer & theatre director, Spain); Pavla Dombrovska (Director of Divadlo Lisen, Czech Republic); Deepak Chopra (Spiritual guru, USA); Peter Schumann (Bread & Puppet Theatre, USA); John Bell (University of Connecticut, USA); Karim Dakroub (University of Beirut, Lebanon); Dominique Houdart (Cie Houdart-Heuclin, France) and the list goes on. You can view the pilot here!

Do enjoy the new website and you are welcome to send feedback through our comments page here!

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