23 April 2014

Off to meet Roger Law...

In an interview at the AGI Open last year, Roger Law spoke about his satirical British television show "Spitting Image" and his visit to ZA News studios in Cape Town. Roger Law is an artist, caricaturist and one half of Luck and Flaw, with Peter Fluck, creators of the satirical television puppet series in the eighties and nineties, Spitting Image.

Many countries around the world have since created their own spin-off versions of the satirical programme, such as South Africa's ZA News, which recently I visited at the launch of our recent documentary film shoot in January.

I am now off to shoot many other inspiring puppeteers around the world working in puppetry and politics. In fact I'll be even interviewing Roger Law at the Cartoon Museum in London next month, where a thirtieth anniversary exhibition of 'Spitting Image' is currently running.

So my upcoming adventure starts next week. I firstly visit  'The XYZ Show' in Nairobi, Kenya. The wonderful puppeteers working on the series were my former-puppetry students in the nineties, when we ran puppetry training workshops in East Africa. The company has also recently created a Nigerian Web Television Series, 'OGAS at The Top'

Following Kenya, I shall be filming in the Middle East and Europe. We have many fascinating interviews and performances lined up along the way. Our documentary film, 'The Puppet and The Power' shall feature some controversial and powerful political figures, both of puppet and human variety, discussing and demonstrating how the puppet is being used to criticise the world's powers, in some often extremely dangerous situations. So stay tuned for updates!

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