9 February 2014

High-tech ART with a sense of humour

"Expressing emotion and behaviour patterns in the creatures we create" sounds like the words of a puppeteer, not an artist working with purely with technology to achieve an effect. But where do art and technology actually meet and is this just another form of puppetry too?

One example of this installation is - 'A viewer sort of unsuspectingly walks into the room, and catches a glimpse of a group of panels in a messy composition on the wall. Within seconds, as if the panels have noticed the presence of the viewer, they appear to panic and sort of get into a strict symmetry. So this is the sketch of the two states. One is total chaos. The other is absolute order.'
'So a viewer enters the space, and they snap to attention. And after a while, if the viewer continues to remain in the space, the panels will sort of become immune to the presence of the viewer and become lax and autonomous again, until they sort of sense a presence in the room or a movement, when they will again snap to attention.'

Artist and TED Fellow Aparna Rao re-imagines the familiar in surprising, often humorous ways. With her collaborator Soren Pors, Rao creates high-tech art installations — a typewriter that sends emails, a camera that tracks you through the room only to make you invisible on screen — that put a playful spin on ordinary objects and interactions.
It's best to view Aparna's TED Talks on their site; 'Art that craves your attention' here and the second talk, 'High-tech art (with a sense of humour)' here!

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