8 February 2014

Daily Battles in Shadows and Film

I can watch this beautifuly made film over and over again and never get bored! Daily Battles is a collaboration beween two artists, a paper artist and a film maker. Béatrice Coron developed a language of storytelling by papercutting multi-layered stories.

Upon seeing her TED presentation film of 2011, I actually was hoping that the camera would zoom into her silouttes to reveal the tiniest treasures hidden in the detail. Film maker, James Steward, was obviously thinking exactly the same thing.

They met up after the paper artist, Beatrice Coron did a presentation at TED in March 2011. The results are unusual and exciting, showing the incredible potential for collaboration between arts practitioners emerging from two almost diametrically opposed sources.

Their combined work, Daily Battles' was premiered at the 2013 TED Conference in Long Beach, California.
You can read an interview with Artist Béatrice Coron and Filmmaker James Stewart in two parts, here and here.
But most importantly, you should view the original inspiring TED Talk of 2011, in which Béatrice first inspired the world, here!

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