26 November 2013

New International Puppetry Film Series - Part One

I am thrilled to announce our new launch of an International Puppetry Film Series, which starts off today with the first in a four interview series with the renowned Canadian marionette-master, Ronnie Burkett. Enjoy Part One!

Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes was formed in 1986 and has stimulated an unprecedented adult audience for puppet theatre, and continues to perform to great critical and public acclaim on Canada's major stages as well as on numerous international worldwide tours.

After winning a regional Emmy Award in 1979 for the puppets in "Cinderrabbit" on PBS in the US, Burkett formed his own theatre company in Alberta in 1986. His early works included Fool's Edge, Virtue Falls, The Punch Club and Awful Manors. In 1994, his work Tinka's New Dress was his international breakthrough, winning two Dora Awards, four Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards and a special citation from the Obie Awards. Performed internationally, Tinka's New Dress was the first part of a trilogy which continued with Street of Blood in 1999 and Happy in 2000. He also won a Chalmers Award in 1996 for Old Friends, a piece commissioned by the Manitoba theatre for young people. In 2009, Burkett received the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre for design.

I have pleasure in introducing you to Ronnie who recorded these frank and fascinating interviews recently for Puppetry News. Stay tuned as Part Two will follow shortly! If you can keep a secret, we have so much new and exciting international puppetry available, both audio and video, that we are planning to launch a brand new subscription puppetry series early next year.

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