28 October 2013

The Shop of Little Horrors

Bristol puppeteer, Dik Downey, awoke one morning with a brilliant name for a new show -  'The Shop of Little Horrors'. He applied for funding and even though successful in the endevour, he hesitated when friends started asking him if it's the show with the PLANT. But it was too late to change names, because publicity materials had already been printed and 'The Shop of Little Horrors' journey had begun!

Albert Grimlake, maker of puppets, lives with a deep and dark secret. His alter ego, Mother, (just one of his puppets), orders him to murder anyone getting in his way. It is a secret he wishes to take with him into the world to come, but his hopes are dashed when his brand-new apprentice, Eric, enters his world.

This grotesque production incorporates ventriloquism and a bunch of larger-than-life characters into what has turned out to be both an extremely funny, while simultaneously an extremely scary piece of theatre. It is produced by Pickled Image from Bristol and runs until Monday evening at the Pleasance Theatre, as part of the Suspense Festival in London. It is highly recommended.
Extracts of the show will be incorporated into a Suspense Festival documentary film, which will soon appear on Puppetrynews so stay tuned..

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