28 May 2013

King Kong comes to Melbourne

Throughout the generations, King Kong has both inspired and frightened the public, who have dared to venture out to see it, whether it be on stage, on the giant screen or even hanging from the Empire State Building. So what has this 2013 King Kong got that no other King Kong has ever had before?

King Kong has never, until now, been adapted as a musical to the stage. It is simply one of the great modern myths. Its appeal is universal and its story resilient enough to have different meanings to different ages at different times in our history. Five years in the making, this King Kong will feature a cast of more than 40 actors, singers, dancers and circus performers, and a team of puppeteers who will bring to life one of the most technologically advanced puppets in the world – a one-tonne, six-metre tall silverback gorilla. This is what I've been told and now the proof lies in the performance, which I will view and report back on very shortly!

Sarah McLachlan performs the song she wrote for King Kong - 'What's It Gonna Take'. You can view it here!

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