18 April 2013

Dutch children experience the creative explosion

Here in the Netherlands, the children of the International School of Amsterdam are completely engaged this week in the creative process of puppetry workshop activity, which we are focusing specifically on primary students this week.

I mistakingly thought it would be quite a challenge engaging the very young, while at the same time, holding their attention for any length of time in our ever-growing multi media fast-paced world. But I was so wrong. The kids are engaging in each step of the way.

We begin our days with some powerful Brain Gym activity to focus their brain and get them optimally engaged in the creative process. We then take them on a guided visualisation which calms them down into a more relaxed state, relieving any tention they might hold in their busy daily lives. This is in turn is followed with the paper work. It is here that the most incredible surprises emerge, when the kids are given the opportunity to shine in their own way. Even the most non-academic students often prove themselves best in this creative process - a time where there is no right or wrong way of doing the work, as long as they are expressing themselves in the way they want and completely engaged in the communication process. For more information about this work, please visit the website here!

I have a day off tomorrow to explore the newly opened Riyksmuseum in Amsterdam, before continuing the magic at the school on Friday.

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