20 March 2013

Ten Days on the Island

Now imagine this! Ten days on an island off the coast of Turkey in the Aegean Sea, involved in an intensive puppetry workshop being presented by two master- puppeteers from different corners of the world. Çağlayan Sevinçer from Istanbul and Gary Friedman from Melbourne come together on the exotic island of Gökçeada, Turkey, to share their skills and life experience.

This workshop teaches puppetry skills with an emphasis on skilful story telling and delivering a message using the most subtle and basic elements of breath, movement and characterisation, with minimal need for words. This tool is therefore ideal to work across any language, culture or age group.

The workshop is designed for puppeteers, animators, school educators, drama and psychotherapists, community workers, theatre practitioners, as well as anyone interested in using the puppet to communicate a message to change their world.
If you are even vaguely interested, then download the PDF flyer here or check out the full package right here!

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