25 November 2012

King Kong - remade for 2013

In June 2013, from the producers of 'Walking with Dinosaurs', comes another theatre spectacular from Melbourne, Australia.

Five years in the making, KING KONG will feature a cast of more than 40 actors, singers, dancers and circus performers, and a team of puppeteers who will bring to life one of the most technologically advanced puppets in the world – a one-tonne, six-metre tall silverback gorilla. Four years in the animatronics workshop – creating Kong has, in the understated words of Creature Designer Sonny Tilders “been a serious challenge”. In a way, similar to the challenge Wallis O’Brien faced in 1933 when he worked out how to make an 18-inch steel-framed puppet covered in rabbit fur appear ‘live’ on film interacting with Fay Wray. Just like now, it had never been done before. Watch this space!

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