18 August 2012

The last man in the Universe

Somewhere out there in the eternal universe is one single man, the last of his species in a silent search for a new universe. But all his finds out there is one single young woman. A Sci-fi romance ensues.

The  narrator opens with a wonderful Japanese prologue to what becomes the end of the world. The astronaut appears and is immediately attacked by cute space-balls which he blasts right out of the universe. Then his quest begins...

The short visual space-opera, written and directed by Tim Mager is performed without dialogue. But you don't need words to tell a story.

The show reminded me a little of Dream Puppets rendition of 'Dreamer in Space', a production using black-light theatre, which I think Omega Quest could have learnt from, in terms of using their black-light technique.

This is Revolt's first performance work and they need to be encouraged to continue their journey into visual theatre. The Omega Quest runs till Sunday with two performances Saturday and another two on Sunday. You can find information and book on their website here.

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