24 May 2012

'Papers Got Talent' China bound

'Papers Got Talent' immediately following my last post 'Africa's got Talent', gives you a short preview into the work that we shall be performing as part of four new 'World of Paper' productions at the 21st UNIMA Festival in Chengdu, China next week. The short film features puppeteers, Janice Pezzoti and Gary Friedman, accompanied by musician David Wells and directed by Dan Goronszy.

Tomorrow we fly off to Chengdu and I shall try my utmost to post news and views direct from the UNIMA Congress and Festival, as it happens, We shall also be collecting interviews and articles for posting directly after the festival, as there's apparently no access to Face Book, nor You Tube from China.

Following China, the production will open in Australia and will also be featured in the Melbourne Fringe Festival in September, before embarking on an Asian tour scheduled for later in the year. If you would like to catch this innovative work, stay tuned for more details!

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