8 May 2012

FIDENA 2012 takes off

The puppet itself is not necessarily at the heart of today’s so-called “figure theatre” just as a traditional painting is almost an exception in contemporary art. Today the way we perceive things is moving into the focus of attention. Here puppets, figures and objects turn our attention away from how things and materials function, and expose them to unusual points of view.

FIDENA 2012, opening on 10 May,  is a good example here. It will be turning machines into dancers and bringing paper to life, transforming one castle park into a zoo, and another one into a wonderland. Mission Impossible will be going solo and Hansel and Gretel will be landing in the middle of an installation. On one whole evening FIDENA 2012 will be grinding everything to a halt and, on another, setting the stage alight.
There’s a risk you might get addicted, so don’t say we didn’t warn you! If you are anywhere near Bochum in Germany, don't miss what promises to be a theatrical treat.

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