22 April 2012

Punch & Judy are 350 years old in May

Twenty-five years ago, in May 1987,  I was privileged to be one of a few hundred fellow Punch and Judy performers attending at the 325th Anniversary of Punch and Judy in Covent Garden in London. It's hard to believe that twenty-five years has gone by and it's time for another big birthday bash. You might recall another article I posted earlier this year, also marking this enormous anniversary year, about Julian Crouch's The Devil and Mr Punch (see here).

'The Big Grin' is the title of the Punch's 350 Birthday Party being organised by the infamous British Punch and Judy Professor, Glyn Edwards. The Big Grin will again take place in Covent Garden Piazza in central London where he was first seen by Samuel Pepys on 12 May 2012.  A mass gathering of UK ‘Professors’ will be joined by performers and  guests from around the world - including Japan, Australia and America  - and a very special guest 'Pulcinella' from Naples. The celebration will be followed on 13 May by a special edition of the traditional Punch and Judy May Fayre in the churchyard of St. Paul’s Covent Garden - the Actors’ Church.

If you'll look closely at the 1987 photo below, you might just spot me (middle-right) holding the only 'Black' Puns, from South Africa, in the gathering. If you are anywhere near London on 12 May, do attend!

Punch and Judy's 325th Anniversary, Covent Garden 1987

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Manuela said...

The Romanian cousin of Punch is 'Vasilache"...and his wife is called "Marioara". Thank you Gary!!