4 April 2012

Peabody for Melbourne Int Comedy Festival

A miniature world of puppets hidden behind the lush velvet curtains of the Scarlet St Theatre plays out a curious tale of unrequited love, ambition, revenge and redemption. Discover the secrets of Barry Von Peabody, relish in the performance of cult-hero-slam-poet Humple, be tantalized by Eliza Swans’ erotic act and be terrified by the death-defying magician Brian Boswell. There are also whales, arson, escapes from Nazi Germany, love, death, ticker tape parades and more.

The Cautionary Tale of Barry Von Peabody and the Scarlet St Theatre is produced by Lemony S Puppet Theatre from Melbourne, by award-winning Australian puppeteer Jacob Williams.

'Hilarious and tragic, side-splitting and surprising, you really will see nothing else like it this comedy festival!' The production is part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival performing at La Mama Theatre. For bookings, click here.

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