27 April 2012

Brian Henson, Now and Then...

Twenty-five years ago I interviewed Brian Henson and can you believe, I forgot to post it up here, but will very soon. More recently Brian conducted an in-depth 24 minute interview (above) with Big Think. His current interview discusses the origination of his live show "Stuffed and Unstrung", which started as a workshop class.  Brian found that their puppeteers were not ad libbing as well as traditionally, Jim Henson Company puppeteers had.   

"We’re sort of famous for going off script a little bit and ad libbing.  And we kind of lost a lot of that and puppeteers were sticking to the script and we thought everything needed to get a lot funnier, so we thought we would go to a good improv comedy instructor."  

Improvisation comedy instructor Patrick Bistro was invited over to talk about training out puppeteers in improv comedy and get them sharpening up their comedy and the rest is history. It's a great interview. Enjoy!   (Our thanks to Muppet Central Forum for the tip.)

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Olá, tudo legal?
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