21 March 2012

World Puppetry Day celebrated today..

Last month I posted the official UNIMA 2012 'World Puppetry Day' message from Barcelona artist, Joan Baixas (here). This special day for world puppetry only began in 2003, when UNIMA declared this commemorative day. What does this mean for puppeteers today?

It is a day to globally unite to promote our art, our work and our world, which for so long has been ignored in the main stream theatre world. However, this position is changing rapidly especially in the western world, where the archaic beliefs associated puppetry for so long with purely 'Punch and Judy', have expanded exponentially to encompass many of the biggest theatrical hits in recent years. Puppetry is finally beginning to emerge in the main stream, which should certainly make the art more popular and acceptable.

Today for World Puppetry Day 2012, we are officially launching our new full website: www.puppetrynews.com so take a look through the site and keep updated for our daily news and events.

1 comment:

Créaturiste said...

Fantastic interview! It's inspired me to take a puppet with me while I do groceries, or anything else I may do outside the house today!

And if people ask why the heck we're doing this, we'll have the PERFECT reason! Gary Friedman told us to!
Or maybe we'll say it's because of World Puppetry Day!