7 December 2011

The Puppet Barge sails on..


I consider living life on a barge pretty unusual, but a puppet theatre on a barge is something quite extraordinary. Movingstage Marionettes were established by South African born, Gren Middleton and his British partner, Juliet Rogers, who both used to work at The Little Angel Theatre. I first met them back in 1979 at my first International Puppet Festival in London, where we shared a performance venue. That was the same year they established the Puppet Barge. We recently reconnected at the Suspense Puppet Festival in London, where they were still performing. The Guardian featured a fascinating article and audio interview with the youngest member of the Middleton family, Stan. You can listen to the interview and watch images from the barge theatre here!
As I searched the You Tube memory banks, I came across some amaising memories of the Middletons and their work. Take a look here and here!

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