19 November 2011

Women and Paper at ECIS in Lisbon

It was a great privilege for me to work with seven international school teachers in our initial two-day pre-conference workshop here at the European Council for International Schools' Conference (ECIS) in Lisbon, Portugal. During the two-day workshop we focused using paper, objects and our bodies to communicate key messages to our target audiences. We begin with Brain Gym exercises to get our mind and bodies aligned and communicating effectively. This is followed by warm-up games to get the participants into a safe grounded space. The two-day journey is a profound one, which helps participants tell their own stories and think on their feet through much improvised short performances. What always astonishes me is the power of the 'animated object' on our psyche and how deeply we are affected by the medium. Every workshop I do gives me further insight into this magical world.

The strange thing is that while I'm writing this report, I am sitting in an auditorium listening to NASA veteran of four space flights, Steve Smith, discussing how he followed his dream of thirty years wanting to become a NASA astronaut, besides being initially turned down five times, before being allowed onto the program. He currently serves as the NASA International Space Station Program Liaison to the European Space Agency. For more information about Steve, check out the ECIS website.

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