29 August 2011

Puppetry for TV and Web Course for Melbourne


Gary Friedman Productions presents a unique opportunity to learn the art of performing puppets for television. This puppetry workshop, lead by Jim Henson- trained master-puppeteer and director, Gary Friedman, is suitable for film makers, puppeteers, performers, and others interested in learning about how puppetry is made for the screen. This course, eight evenings of three-hours per week, will include design and construction of puppets, manipulation for the camera, developing scenarios for performance, voice, character development and short performances. Participants will develop, perform and direct their short scenarios for a course show-reel.

You can view previous such courses, run over the past few years, here, here and here!
The exact venue is still to be confirmed, but it will be in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
The eight-week course is at a special discounted price of only $799, with limited places available.
For full information and bookings, contact us here.

1 comment:

Ezzy said...

Gary! I've been waiting for over a year for you to come to Melbourne to run a course for us here and I'll be away on my honeymoon! Argh!

Please please please tell me you'll come back for another one.