4 November 2010

A perfect blend of Puppetry and Dance

What recently caught my eye and not even knowing that they had performed at the Sydney Festival 2010, was Canadian dancer/ choreographer Crystal Pite and her company Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM. They have also been performing in the United States with their piece, Dark Matters. The title refers both to astrophysics and human impulses, exploring the idea of undetectable forces at work in cosmology. With original music by composer Owen Belton, this stunning theatrical hybrid of puppetry and dance opens as a sinister fable in which an artist creates a puppet with fateful results, and culminates in electrifying contemporary ballet. Pite's choreographic language—edgy, gorgeously fluid—shows the influence of years dancing with William Forsythe's Ballet Frankfurt, but is seasoned with her own humor, intelligence, and intensity.

The puppetry and dance blend in so perfectly together and I was very impressed by the choreography and manipulation. It is the perfect combination of the arts in this visually striking piece. Keep your eyes open for this troupe!

Their new production 'The You Show' invites you recover the body of the dancer, to witness the translation of your own stories in an expressive body language and watch it yourself, as you fall and fly as the hero of your own existence. Whether you're a Superman or a simple man, life is an epic.
It reminds me a little of the choreography of Phillipe Genty. It is set to perform in Los Angeles in February 2011 and May 2011 at The Clutch in Vancouver. You can join them on FaceBook here or view an extract of their new work here!
Our thanks to Puppeteers Unite!

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