28 September 2010

Dr Egg and the Man with No Ear in Canada

Dr Egg and the Man with No Ear tells the story of a mysterious scientist, Dr Egg, who offers a previously unthinkable possibility; he can grow the man a new ear. But first he needs a piece of his daughters' precious flesh. The Man refuses to harm his daughter. Eager to make her father happy, the daughter makes her way to the lab of Dr Egg and offers her ear. When the science is done, the ear grows and grows. But it does not stop there. A new life is made. And it looks a lot like her. The Daughter is faced with a serious dilemma.

Through puppetry, projected animation, original music, and performance, this exquisite production raises issues surrounding genetic modification in a fun and whimsical setting. It was created and directed by Australian artist Jessica Wilson and based on an original story by Catherine Fargher. Co-directed by Redmoon Artistic Director Jim Lasko, Dr. Egg and the Man with No Ear provides entertainment and insight for children and adults alike.

The show first opened at the Sydney Opera House in July 2007 and then played at the Victorian Arts Centre. In August 2008 it began a very successful seven-week season at Redmoon Theater in Chicago, USA.  Dr Egg presented at the International Performing Arts for Youth Showcase in January 2009 and is touring Canada in October / November 2010. It will play at Les Coups de Théâtre in Montreal, at The Cultch in Vancouver, at the Ottawa International Children’s Festival and at the Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse.  The highlight of the tour will be a season at Les Coups de Theatre in Montreal, which coincides with CINARS.  So if you are in that part of the world, keep a look out for it!

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