20 April 2010

Lone Wolf Tribe in America

Lone Wolf Tribe is a contemporary puppet theatre ensemble in the United States, which according to their blurb 'blends history, sociology and psychology into brutally poetic contemporary narratives'. Their production of 'Bride' caught my eye this morning here in Slovenia, while looking on the UNIMA USA web site. 

While God the Father struggles with dementia, the dismembered Mother Goddess crawls through the dark of heaven's basement; calls for salvation go unanswered as the world below spins closer toward Armageddon. Bride remembers the bloody shift from polytheism to monotheism, conjuring a 4,000 year old love story whose partnership has been long forgotten, and whose union may be our only hope. Although it seems a bit gloomy for my taste, the puppetry used in this production seems varied and inspiring.

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