10 August 2009

Polish Theatre pays homage to Chagall

Teatr Groteska, a well respected puppet company in Poland opens a fascinating new production in September.

"A Homage to Chagall" was inspired by the life and work of the great painter Marc Chagall and his love for his wife, Bella, as the main theme. It is a story about fulfillment and harmony between two people, which goes beyond the socio-political realities of the real world. Metaphorically treated historical events of the 20th century loom in the background, interpreted as an apocalyptic experience on the basis of Chagall’s own life story.

The artist’s paintings are performed on stage, assuming three-dimensionality. Visual means of expression blend together harmoniously – actors in masks, puppets and multimedia. The great story of life featured on stage translates the language of painting into the language of the theatre of form with great perfection. It is a performance without words – created using colour, movement and music. This idea accounts for its uniqueness and the power of its poetic influence on our imagination. For more information, you can contact the theatre's publicist here!

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