13 June 2009

Hula Hoops Puppet Ads

The British 'Hula Hoops' are a brand of biscuits are launching a brand new TV advertising campaign in July. This UK £78m brand is launching the Golden Hoop Film Awards campaign to encourage consumer participation and, simply get them to do what they usually do when they pick up a pack of Hula Hoops, to put them on their fingers and play with them! Play with them, like puppets?

The promotion encourages consumers to take inspiration from the TV campaign and have finger fun with Hula Hoops, challenging them to produce a creative short film using only their fingers and Hula Hoops to win a holiday for a family of four to Hollywood. This competition has been designed to engage consumers and generate mass consumer awareness. I believe anyone can enter and you can find their new website, filled with the latest finger puppet entires here!

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