12 May 2009

Joan Ganz Cooney's World in the 21st Century

How can emerging media help children learn? This question was asked forty years ago by a great innovator in the United States, Joan Ganz Cooney. She was the woman who started Children's Television Workshop which produced Sesame Street together with Jim Henson in 1968. That question is as relevant today as we try to get inside the minds of young children and how they are looking at our world and figure out the engagement points in the new digital media to educate them in this 21st century. Cooney's legacy was to improve children's lives a little more urgently and figure how we can all contribute to this goal together. You can watch a short documentary of the Joan Ganz Cooney Centre here!

You can watch a full interview in nine parts with Cooney in New York, recorded in 1998, here!
Many famous people have appeared on Sesame Street in recent years. Michele Obama even recently promoted a healthy lifestyle on Sesame Street. You can watch her here!

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