2 April 2009

Puppetry, Physical and Object Theatre Master Class in Australia

Polygram Soluble is a five-day intensive workshop in Adelaide, South Australia will provide students with the physical, emotional and theoretical principles behind Puppetry, Physical, & Object Theatre.

Ninian Donald, Pooka's Movement Director, will guide students through extensive body movement exercises concentrating on physical isolation, co-ordination, expression and communication, setting each student up with the foundation skills underlining all forms of Puppetry & Physical Theatre.

Lachlan Haig, Artistic Director of Pooka, will explore in depth how this bodywork translates to the art form of puppetry and object theatre using carefully selected exercises drawn from the masterclass of French Director Philippe Genty in object manipulation.

Through these exercises and performance techniques the participant will explore their unique relationship to objects, their manipulation, and the art of breathing life, emotion and soul into the inanimate, whether it be brown paper or a carefully crafted puppet.

The course will mainly focus on the use of simple everyday materials with a view to exploring the infinite possibilities of the ordinary when combined with inspiration, technique and the imagination. The workshop will run from 27 April to 1 May 2009 in Adelaide. For more details, contact Leanne Cotter here!

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