31 March 2009

Spin Around the World

In our Spin Around the World this week, let's check out some of the interesting work in puppetry on the internet recently. There's a very interesting Emmy Award winning documentary 'The American Puppet' by Mazzarella Media. I found a short promo of this 'Stories of the American Puppet' which is narrated by actor Dan Lauria. It examines the lives and recounts the significant contributions of men and women who, throughout the years, have helped to shape puppetry in America. It's well worth watching here!

Object theatre has always been close my my own heart and work. American puppeteers Erin Orr and Christopher Green, who were inspired by local puppetry on their visit to Bulgaria, hosted a puppetry workshop in Austin Texas last year. It is titled the Bulgarian Minimalist Puppet Theatre Workshop. Here is a short film I found of the workshop in progress!
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