2 February 2009

Puppetry for the Web 3.0 on Face Book

How the world has changed with Web 2.0 in the past 5000 days! What will the next 5000 days bring us in web technology?

How do we connect to our peers and our social networks using the puppet as an interactive communication tool. Why do we use the puppet to communicate to our peers on You Tube, Face Book? Are we all really connected? Is everyone on the net just 1/8 seconds away?

We will discuss the power of the puppet as a communication tool on the internet today. Puppetry blogs like ours, PuppetVision Blog and Puppet Hub are now providing us with international news and some great puppetry films, but what is the future of puppetry on the Web 3.0?

The newsgroup is housed on Face Book: here! Please join us in our discussions.

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