1 December 2008

New Puppetry Films made in Australia

Our Advanced Puppetry for Film and Television Course is almost complete and some great short films are being made by our talented students. Above you can view 'Courting' a film written and directed by Ivan Chew, which tells the story of a basketball player, who's girlfriend is stolen by a Russian basketball champion. After many trials, he finally wins the girl back and they live happily ever after, or do they? Another student film is 'Where the Humans Are' which was written and directed by Roslyn Hicks. You can watch it here!

We are running a brand new beginners Puppetry for Film and Television course in late-January 2009 at Wesley Institute for the Arts in Drummoyne for eight weeks. The classes will focus on every aspect of producing puppetry for the screen - from the design and construction of the puppet to performing and directing short pieces for the camera. It will take place every Wednesday evening from 6 to 9pm. If you are interested in enrolling or more information, then please contact me here!

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